A Day at the Doggie Spa

At All Size Grooming in Augusta, KS, it’s all about the dogs. We offer high-quality services performed by skilled professionals who will treat your pet like royalty. We’ll give them the pampering they deserve and return them to you looking fabulous.

Our services include hair trimming, nail trimming, haircuts, comb outs, ear cleanings, and flea dips. We understand that no two dogs are the same and all have different temperaments. We’ve worked with dogs of different sizes, personalities, breeds, and moods.

We work with you to determine what your dog needs. Our services are tailored for every animal. For example, if you have a pet with an open wound or sensitive skin, we will use oatmeal and aloe vera shampoo. We also have a shampoo that we use on white-haired dogs to promote the color of their fur.

When you bring your dog to All Size Grooming, you can expect to get exactly what you want without any extra services added. We strive to perform quality haircuts, comb outs, and other services at affordable prices.

Our groomers are extremely skilled and knowledgeable about grooming and dog handling. You never have to worry. We handle every pet with care.

The layout of our shop is open, so you are more than welcome to come in and watch how we treat the dogs we groom. We are open and honest about our services and abilities and we will never harm a dog in our care. When you bring your beloved pet to our shop, we treat them as one of our own.


Affordable Grooming Services

All Size Grooming in Augusta, KS, offers affordable dog grooming services. We can customize our services to meet your needs and expectations. Check out our rates and choose the services you need for your lovable pet.


Small Dogs

Bath, nails, ear cleaning: $15

Add a haircut or comb out to above
starting at $30


Medium Dogs

Bath, nails, ear clean: $25

Add a haircut or comb out to above starting at $40


Large Dogs

Bath nails, ear cleaning starts at: $40

Add a haircut or comb out
starting at $50

We accept cash, checks, debit cards and credit cards, including Visa, Discover American Express, and MasterCard for payment.

Contact us today at 316-636-7915 for more information about our grooming services and our staff.